Ivoire: Ultimate Success in Life & Business

People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed. It does not matter if success is in business or in a relationship – it does not matter what context or environment. The basic lessons or rules of success are very basic, and we call it the Ultimate Success Formula and this is just one of the many fascinating strategies taught in our popular seminar, Unleash the Power Within.

We hope you enjoy reading our digital magazine as we delve into the Ultimate Success Formula – a four-step process that helps you take massive action to get what you really want. It can be a dramatic change in your business, a necessary step you should take in your relationship. Or maybe you finally commit to shedding those extra pounds keeping a consistent level of strength and vitality. Chances are, you know what it is – that one thing you know you just need to do, or do better than you do today. And this is the system used to achieve the goal you have in your mind.

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3 Overwhelming Success Realizations You Must Face

1. Many businesses fail

Only 4% of small businesses in the United States will survive – 4%! That is, 96% of US businesses will be closed in the first ten years of their operation. Prospects are stacked against business owners, but the truth is, with the right mentality and resources, entrepreneurs can succeed.

2. Entrepreneurs are more confident in their capabilities than their tools

An overwhelming majority-96% of the surveyed entrepreneurs-said they were more confident in their leadership abilities than in their growth tools. There are amazing tools out there that can help you reach your professional goals. Not only do you need to find the resources that support the needs of your business but you need to constantly make sure the tools and strategies you use are still correct for your brand with the time continues.

3. Most business owners are confident that they can grow their business

Although they did not feel they had the resources they needed, 80% of business owners feel confident they can grow their company. This is because the key to growth is not about resources, but resourcefulness. By thinking growth and finding ways to create raving fans, inside and outside your business, you’ll find success.

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Posted by on November 24, 2017