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Google introduced two new algorithm updates in 2021. Penguin and Panda were algorithm updates that Google introduced in order to update the ranking algorithms of Google. Google claims to update its algorithm several thousand time per year. In the majority of cases, Google updates are not sufficient enough to notice. However, occasionally Google brings out a radical change so radical, that it completely disrupts how do all SEO forever.

Google Algorithm

Google Penguin and Google Panda were algorithm changes which Google introduced in order to revise Google’s approach to ranking sites. Google introduced Penguin in January 2021 and Google Panda in August 2021. According to Google Ads management Melbourne, these algorithm changes radically changed the way people search and the way Google prioritized sites. Google introduced a new ranking algorithm called “In general, we’ll stick to what we’ve always done, and make no dramatic changes. We will, however, occasionally make certain algorithm changes to help improve or clarify our processes.”

Google implemented two major algorithm changes in Google Penguin and Google Panda. The first one was the elimination of Google Slate. Google Slate was a ranking algorithm used by Google to judge the quality of a site. Google banned the “over-the-top” sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr from using Google Slate to rank high-quality sites.

Google Penguin and Panda also brought about a large number of changes. First, Google banned the use of deceptive click-through-spiders (CTAs). Google banned the use of anchor texts in spiders. Google banned the use of internal linking within web pages. Google banned the practice of artificially creating web sites to increase ranking.

The biggest algorithm change from Google Penguin and Panda is the introduction of Google local. Google local has been described as Google’s latest attempt to give Google a better idea about a site’s relevancy. Google local gives webmasters an easier time improving their sites since Google will now provide more information about the location of a site. Google localized results come from a large number of factors including:

Google Panda and Penguin have both brought about major changes to the SEO game. Google Panda put a heavy weight on unnatural backlinks and this has become a major issue for many SEO professionals who struggled with Google’s previous algorithms. Google Penguin banned the use of black hat SEO methods such as using keywords as a backlink. The recent algorithm change that Google has introduced has caused many to panic because they believe it is too good to be true.

Although Google has not officially announced any penalty, a large number of SEO professionals believe the worst is yet to come. The sudden penalty may have temporarily stabilized ranking but there are still doubts whether or not it will be long term. Many experts believe Google wants to implement a system that penalizes penalized sites in the same way it would devalue sites that are penalized but remain ranked. This would mean penalizing sites that resort to black hat SEO methods but not necessarily devaluing the organic rankings.

It is important to remember that Google has never revealed how the penalty will work. This is why it is important to stay on top of Google’s updates to stay on the safe side. Google has recently stated that they are going to refresh their ranking procedures once every four years. Whether this will affect your SEO efforts is unknown but experts speculate that it is highly unlikely. What we do know is that Google is constantly making adjustments to ensure their service is useful to everyone.

In order for you to understand how Google will change its algorithm in the future, you must first understand how Google awards rankings. Google uses two main factors to rank websites: quality score and backlink analysis. A quality score is largely based on backlinks. Google’s latest algorithm update changes will most likely affect the quality score as well as the amount of backlink a website receives. However, the exact impact on the backlink analysis remains to be seen.

Google has recently stated that the current algorithm will not be affected by the recent penguin algorithm update. This means that if you perform all your SEO activities using the old Google methods, you will most likely not experience any decrease in your search queries. In order to understand how Google will choose to evaluate your website when it comes to the quality score and the backlink analysis, it is important for you to understand how Google awards rankings. The update affected the high quality pages but not the low quality pages.

If you have been carrying out all your optimization activities with the old Google methods, you can still continue to do so because Google has stated that they will be making further updates in the future. Google has also stated that they will continue to monitor the progress of their users to determine which ones are doing well and which ones are struggling. It is very important for webmasters to keep up with Google’s updates to the algorithm so that they can effectively promote their websites. Google has stated that they will continue to make algorithm updates to combat spam and bring quality backlinks to websites.

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