What Are Google’s Algorithm Updates?

SEO refers to the technical manner of increasing the number and quality of site visitors through various internet channels. It’s important for any site to be optimised in the correct sense as it is directly responsible for capturing the public attention. If you’re new to SEO, there are many ways that it’s worth investing in to get the best results. This article covers some of these, as well as providing a brief insight into what SEO is.


One of the biggest developments which came out of the SEO community last week was the Google update. The update introduced several new features including Google+ Local, which is Google’s latest social media initiative. It allows businesses to connect with local consumers and encourage them to share their experiences on a site related to their area of expertise. Whilst it may not directly benefit your SEO efforts, this update is certainly worth keeping up to date with as it improves your visibility and gives your business a more local angle.

Another important addition to Google’s recent updates were the Panda and Penguin algorithms. These algorithms are designed to make search engine results more relevant to users, in line with the wishes of Google customers. Prior to these updates, search engines would rank sites according to how popular they were, but with these algorithms, they have been forced to focus more on a business’s actual SEO value. This can, in turn, provide a better return on investment for your company.

In addition to these two major algorithm updates, Google has also introduced several minor updates. They have released several Panda changes that have affected SEO across the board. These have mainly focused on increasing the relevancy of results for certain keywords, such as before and after images respectively. They have also tried to target spam more actively, which has helped reduce the amount of negative SEO coming back to websites. These updates are proving highly effective for SEO and have begun to restore faith in SEO as a result.

Another major algorithm update that affected SEO was the desktop update. This update was designed to stop any long delays that users experienced when searching for results using their desktop computers. This update caused a noticeable delay between when you started searching for an online result and when you actually saw one. This major algorithm update is believed to be responsible for many desktop users losing their Google rankings.

The good news is that this algorithm change has now been released for all desktop users, and thankfully, Google has included an option for them to disable it. You should take this opportunity to download the latest SEO patches and ensure that they are compatible with your current operating system. Google states that the new features introduced into Google SEO in September will only affect desktop users for the time being. Although the desktop version has not been updated, you should still get the updates as Google recently announced that they are working on an official desktop version. They are expected to have it ready in Q2 of 2021.

There are also two major algorithm updates that are not yet being covered by Google. SEO Elite 3.3 and Google Webmaster Central. Both of these updates have proven to be extremely effective in increasing website traffic and improving user experience. As we can expect from Google, both of these updates are aimed at lowering the risk level associated with certain keywords. This is great news as it will help websites gain more exposure and become a lot more profitable.

Google’s recent algorithm updates are definitely beneficial for SEO in general. However, these two updates are being introduced specifically for SEO Elite subscribers only. If you are not currently a member, you should definitely sign up for it today. There are a few benefits that you will receive once you have signed up, including a free link quality update and the SEO desktop version. Before you know it, you will be fully optimized for your niche and ready to start earning money from it!

Posted by on September 28, 2021