Building a Website for Church Marketing

Building a Website for Church Marketing

Your church marketing is an effective way to bring the good news of the gospel to people all over the world, as well as potential converts. Churches don’t do that themselves; instead, they seek professional logo designers and website developers. A well-designed, effective website can grow your church in leaps and bounds!

Here are some effective church marketing strategies:

Easy-to-navigate church website builder.

Your church marketing should be easy to find and use. With a good design, the search engines will find it quickly, and your website visitors will have no trouble navigating your site. Your website should also be easy to update and stay up to date. If your church marketing consists of simply maintaining a website, you might want to consider a platform such as Google My Business or Yahoo! Local.


When considering which church website builder to use, the first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of functionality you need? Some website builders have all sorts of beautiful features, such as blogs and forums, but they are just not built to handle an entire church’s functionality. For example, there aren’t many website builders that can grow with you, keep track of your emails, automatically upload new photos, or add an entire database with a simple plug-in.

Video transferability.

It can be difficult to transfer information from one computer to another, but with your church website builder, you will have everything you need to share your message with others successfully. Not only does the software allow you to video message from your phone or PDA to your laptop, but it will enable you to upload that same video on YouTube, Facebook, or a variety of other social media sites, too. Because everyone has a chance to view your video first, it will be much easier for your followers to see what they can expect to see when you are preaching.

Ease of use.

Some website builders can be so complicated that navigating them becomes almost impossible. They can make it difficult to add a picture or a link, search for a menu, or even select a particular item. However, most builders are designed so that anyone can use them with relative ease. They often come with a set of instructional videos that walk you through every step of using the system.

Current Enrollment.

A good website builder makes it easy for you to get information about your existing members. When a person visits your site, they can see their email address, a short description, church logo, and even a photo of their banner. By giving your current attendees this type of personalized information, you can encourage them to take action and call to action. You can even encourage members who may be away from the church to watch a video and sign up for a service.

Free Consultations.

A good website solution will always give you the option of getting a free consultation. Even if you are trying out a new format, you can talk to a representative before making a final decision. Your consultation could cover the ins and outs of the current structure, or you might be able to suggest a different platform altogether. Getting a free consultation gives you the chance to talk to someone in real life and get an honest opinion. This is valuable since you can then develop your ideas based on what you hear.


A good web design should allow your church website to function as simply as possible. No one likes to spend five minutes of their day trying to figure out how to get to the next page. While many churches have flashy websites that boast ease of use, those are rarely ever used because there is no actual functionality.

Posted by on March 22, 1998