How the ‘Law of Business’ still applies today

How the ‘Law of Business’ still applies today

Websites are part of a new era

Written over 100 years ago, John Ruskin’s ‘Law of Business’ definitely applies to today with the design and development of Internet business systems such as websites and Intranets.

With websites costing anything from a few hundred dollars to a few million dollars, it is easy for potential customers to get confused when trying to compare various website systems and solutions from different suppliers.

These days a business website needs to be more than just an electronic advertising brochure for your business. Naturally, your business website needs to be graphically attractive, easy to navigate and quick to load.

More importantly, your website needs to offer real value to users. It needs to be functional – that is, it needs to enable and empower visitors to the site to DO things that are of value to them.

This could involve making business tasks and processes more efficient or faster or less costly.

This may result in the linking of databases, catalogs, inventory systems or comprehensive relationship marketing and communication systems to your website.

It could mean offering new services that are only possible through using the new technology of the Internet. Perhaps there are products and services that you could adapt or create to promote and sell through your website.

Presenting your company information on your website so that it is interesting and valuable to your existing and potential customers is part of the task. Collecting information from your website visitors is another important aspect that should not be ignored as your website can become an incredibly valuable research tool for you.

Whatever the purpose of your website, the design of your site must fulfill and exceed the needs and expectations of your customers. Remember, their needs and expectations will be changing quickly as the Internet grows over the next few years.

The only thing we know for certain about the future is that we live in a constantly changing environment – especially when it comes to the Internet.

What is good enough today will not be good enough for tomorrow. Sooner or later, someone else on the Internet will be trying to woo and capture your current customers.

It is already happening all around us, and it is naive and foolish to think that any particular business will be isolated from the threats of new Internet-based competitors.

At Marqui Management, our focus is to help our clients identify business opportunities and threats arising from the Internet.

We work with you to clarify and define your vision for incorporating the Internet into your business. We plan and prioritize cost-effective Internet business strategies that are aligned with your corporate strategies, goals, and objectives.

And we work with you to identify and plan for the resources that will be required in the short and long-term: resources which could include Time; Skills; Content; Software; Hardware; Money and People.

Then we design, develop and implement the solutions – which often involve building fully-functional business websites which are integrated into your business.

As you probably realize, a website can do far more than simply be an ‘advertisement’ for your business. It can be a valuable part of your business – and of tremendous benefit to the various stakeholders in your organization such as your customers, staff, suppliers, and shareholders.

So, how does all of this relate to the Law of Business? The answer is to define what you need – and then expect to pay a reasonable price for good service.

At Marqui Management, the prices we charge for our services are fair and reasonable. Not too much and not too little. We are rarely the ‘cheapest’ nor are we the most expensive. We care about our work and take pride in what we do for our clients. We want to make sure we are always able to provide the level of service and services required by our clients.

You need to be able to rely on the help, guidance, and advice from consultants and developers you can trust. And you need to get what you pay for.

Price will always be one consideration, but for the sake of the future of your business, don’t let price be your main consideration when choosing your Internet consultants and developers.

As John Ruskin has written, if you pay too little, there is a good chance that what you bought will not work for you at all. It is often worth paying a little more to make sure you can get what need.

This is especially true when it comes to setting up a business on the Internet.

Posted by on July 25, 1998